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Reflections on Retirement After 32 Years

by Rob Flaherty| May 13, 2021

Gratitude, amazement, pride and excitement — these are the feelings I have as I announce my retirement after nearly 32…

food and agriculture workers

Helping Food and Agriculture Workers Find Stability

by Michele Murray| May 13, 2021

Helping food and agriculture workers thrive across America is not just vital to our economy, but to bringing food to the table. This workforce is at a critical juncture now, with food and ag employees struggling with a high level of burnout during the pandemic. As we put the pieces back together, how can employers […]

Esports Rising Shows That Gaming Keeps Growing - photo of man and woman gaming on their phones

Esports Rising Shows That Gaming Keeps Growing

by Kristyn Brown| May 10, 2021

Though the pandemic kept us from gathering in person, the 2021 Esports Rising Conference remained the same in the most important ways. Hosted by Sports Business Journal and The Esports Observer, it was an afternoon well spent with some of the brightest in the esports and gaming industry – networking, keeping up with trends, and […]

Navigating U.S. Tech Workers’ “New Essentials”

Navigating U.S. Tech Workers’ “New Essentials”

by Melissa Kinch and Lisa Sullivan| May 6, 2021

What do U.S. tech workers want from their employers? The answers today are likely much different than they would have been before the pandemic. Despite being the industry that pioneered work-from-home, and that enabled millions of workers and students to keep on working/learning despite this unprecedented crisis, tech isn’t immune to new levels of scrutiny […]

Marketing to moms

How Marketers Can Win Moms’ Hearts

by Lauren Sugarman| May 6, 2021

Since Similac’s “Sisterhood of Motherhood” ad back in 2015 shined a satirical spotlight on marketing to moms, countless brands have called for an end to the mommy wars, telling us women to stop fighting and start getting along. Well, for the past year-plus, the pandemic has waged a war on moms, and most brands haven’t […]

How Listening to Murder Podcasts Helps with Storytelling - photo of a skull wearing headphones

How Listening to Murder Podcasts Helps with Storytelling

by Kat Dare| May 4, 2021

My name is Kat, and I’m obsessed with all things true crime — specifically murder-based podcasts. I always have at least eight on the go at any time, and the moment I step away from my laptop, Stitcher comes right on and I’m immersed in the very worst of humanity, from serial killers to family […]

There Are No Good Guys or Bad Guys in Food - herd of black angus cattle in grass field

There Are No Good Guys or Bad Guys in Food

by Kim Essex| April 30, 2021

In food PR and communications, part of our job is to tell stories. But too many stories have heroes and villains, and the world of food production isn’t quite that simple. I’ve spent a better part of my career in the meat industry. I am passionate about animal protein on many levels: nutritionally, environmentally and […]