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Mary Elizabeth Germaine is EVP, Managing Director of Ketchum Analytics. Ketchum Analytics is one of the largest research groups embedded within a major communications agency and has been a pioneer in the field of communications research and analytics for over 20 years. Recently, Ketchum Analytics has been experimenting with and incorporating AI in its client work – work that has won a number of industry awards, including the Holmes Report’s 2017 Diamond SABRE Award for Measurement and Evaluation with Cleveland Clinic, and the International Communications Consultancy Organization’s 2017 Best Global Healthcare Program for an evaluation of the state of healthcare in 13 countries for Philips, as part of OneVoice. Its staff of 60 sits in 12 cities globally providing highly customized solutions to address our clients’ key business challenges. For more information, visit

How AI Can Help Us Be Better Communicators

by Mary Elizabeth Germaine | July 10, 2018

In today’s society the reality is that, unless you are living under a rock, you are confronted by new AI technologies day in and day out. In just the past week, I saw stories ranging from a new AI-enabled litter box that provides health updates based on what our furry friends leave in the box, […]