About John Bailey

John Bailey is Partner and Managing Director Ketchum Singapore. He previously worked with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Geneva, Switzerland, where he played a pivotal role in developing “best practice” in crisis communications for the global airline industry. John was also involved in the response to several major incidents, including six aircraft accidents and the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. He has written numerous newspaper and magazine articles on crisis communications and crisis management, and has spoken on the subject around the world.

About John Bradbury

John Bradbury is Partner, director of the New York Corporate Practice and its Global Issues and Crisis Management Network. John provides strategic corporate affairs, reputation management, litigation communications and crisis counsel to a wide array of clients for Ketchum around the world. He has counseled clients in high profile global and domestic crisis situations, including product recalls, airline incidents, workplace safety situations, data breaches/cyber security events, activist and NGO campaigns, financial distress and bankruptcy proceedings, investigative media, academic institution crises and regulatory inquiries. He has worked on behalf of multi-national companies across a variety of industry sectors, including food, CPG, aviation, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and technology. He also has a background in government relations.

For Airlines, Real-Time Crisis Communications Becomes Even More Real

by John Bailey and John Bradbury | April 18, 2018

Ever since Virgin America became the first airline to offer on-board Wi-Fi in 2008, it didn’t take Nostradamus to predict that the day would come when an aviation emergency would be broadcast live in real-time by a passenger using this new online connectivity option. After all, from terrorist attacks to natural disasters, few major events […]