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Tristen is a Digital Strategy Director at Ketchum. Her work in both creative and strategy has led to a number of Cannes Lion short-list honors as well as digital-specific honors from the Shorty Awards. Her expertise spans outside the realm of digital marketing, having also led creative strategy across traditional advertising campaigns over the years.

Tristen is an innately curious lifelong learner. She most recently received a Women in Leadership certification through Cornell and a certification through MIT on Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy. She is also the co-founder of the women’s workplace and wellness advocacy site, Not Quite There Yet.

Five Things I Learned from MIT’s “AI: Implications for Business Strategy” Certification Program

by Tristen Sechi | March 6, 2018

Here’s the thing; as marketers, you need to be pretty aware of the various ways AI is impacting our lives. A few prime examples of AI in action include social media and newsfeed algorithms, social listening algorithms, and natural language processing bots and assistants. AI is officially 2018’s hyped technology, and chatter about its proliferation […]