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Chip Scarinzi is a vice president, account director in Ketchum’s San Francisco Technology practice, where he draws from more than 15 years of experience in consumer and enterprise tech. A dyed in the wool sports fan, he is the author of Diehards, a non-fiction book that explores the evolution of sports fandom.

How Sports Teams Can Better Engage the Next Generation of Fans

by Chip Scarinzi | March 22, 2018

Early last month I watched the Super Bowl the old-fashioned way: on a television screen in my living room. However, that wasn’t the case for all viewers. In fact, TV viewership dipped to a seven-year low as more and more fans chose one of many live streaming options to consume the biggest football game of […]

Full-Court Press: VR for Sports Fans Needs a New Narrative

by Chip Scarinzi | March 29, 2017

I stepped into the batter’s box at Yankee Stadium with shaky hands and weak knees. Waving the bat above my shoulder, I tried to look the part while Masahiro Tanaka stared down his catcher for the sign. Would he try to blow me away with a mid-90’s fastball? Buckle my knees with a slider? If […]

Can Virtual Reality Make DeAndre Jordan an Elite Free Throw Shooter?

by Chip Scarinzi | December 13, 2016

Along with 50+ million other sports fans in North America, I too obsess about fantasy sports – and this time of year, I’m particularly fixated on fantasy basketball. This past week, my near-constant attention to an imaginary basketball team, Dynamite Diggums, led me to this tasty little nugget: Los Angeles Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan is […]

Four Tech Trends to Watch in Sports

by Chip Scarinzi | August 12, 2016

Sports fandom attached itself to me in my youth, and its power over me today is stronger than ever. As a child, I listened to radio broadcasts of my favorite team on a portable Walkman, and today, I listen to that same broadcast on a mobile app from 3,000 miles away. In the 1980s, I would […]