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Katie Michel is an Account Supervisor for Ketchum’s Sustainability + Social Impact practice. An energetic and detail-oriented project leader, she has deep institutional sustainability and corporate social responsibility knowledge, having spent the last 8+ years managing and executing high-profile sustainability communications strategies. Follow Katie on Twitter, @krmichel.

Earth Day 2016: The Importance of Tomorrow

by Katie Michel | April 22, 2016

Earth Day is upon us once again! Companies are celebrating by launching new and exciting campaigns; kids in school will honor this day by planting a tree, or beginning a new composting program; parents will teach their young ones why it’s so important to protect and conserve the Earth—an Earth that is often take for […]

Ignore Sustainability at Your Own Cost

by Katie Michel | April 6, 2016

Historically, companies have often undervalued the role sustainability could play in improving their supply chains and creating efficiencies to drive bottom-line profitability.

Winning By Giving

by Katie Michel | November 6, 2015

As a member of Ketchum’s Sustainability and Social Impact Practice, nothing gives me more pride than the fact that Ketchum embodies the counsel we provide to our clients. Which is why there is no better month than September, Ketchum’s annual month of service: Ketchum’s Social Responsibility (KSR) Month. This year over 1,200 colleagues from 36 […]

Sustainable Brands Conference: 3 Powerful Moments

by Katie Michel | July 9, 2015

Sustainable Brands is a conference we look forward to every year: the perfect intersection of brands and innovation, defining and communicating sustainability and social responsibility. This year’s topic was How Now? It focused on how we as communicators, sustainability experts, engineers, planners and stakeholders can take what we have learned over the past decade of […]