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Samantha Stark is a seasoned, award-winning public relations professional in the Brand Marketing practice of Ketchum’s Washington, D.C. office and the Travel & Hospitality Industry Leader for the agency. You can follow her on Twitter @sammystark.

Travel & Technology: Great Expectations for 2017

by Samantha Stark | December 9, 2016

Just like nearly everything else in our lives, technology is bending, shaping and redefining the travel industry. Technology-assisted travel is defeating the commoditization of travel that made it un-sexy in the 1990s, and ringing in a new area of personalization driving an industry renaissance.

Blurred Lines: 4 Insights on the Evolution of PR & Advertising

by Samantha Stark | November 6, 2014

My first “real” job was at an advertising agency. It was a crash course in big personalities and the value of insight-driven campaign planning. We were small enough of a shop that I got to regularly work closely with the creative teams on campaign development. My degree also happens to be in advertising and promotion, […]