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Bill Zucker is Managing Director of Ketchum’s Food Sector and Marketplace Leader for the agency’s Midwest region. A below average cook at best, Bill is well known in his house for his ability to pack a killer school lunch.

Navigating the Food Landscape Requires a Map

by Bill Zucker | July 12, 2018

Call it, perhaps, the straw that broke the camel’s back. Food and beverage companies along with foodservice chains are paying close attention to Starbucks’s decision this week to phase out the use of plastic straws by 2020. The announcement follows active campaigns by groups with catchy hashtags such as #stopsucking and #thelaststraw, aimed at raising attention to […]

What You Can Learn from My Accidental Internship

by Bill Zucker | June 3, 2014

Each year around this time, I find myself repeating one of my favorite stories about a summer internship that should never have happened, but became a career game-changer for me. Although it occurred (gulp) 30 years ago, I hope the lessons ring true for the many interns starting their PR careers this summer at Ketchum […]

A Lesson From College Football on Managing Your PR Career

by Bill Zucker | December 20, 2012

As a Wisconsin Badger alum and a huge fan of the football team, I took special note of the recent news that head coach Bret Bielema quit his job to take the same role at Arkansas. As a fan, I was sad to see a successful coach leave. But as a “boss” I was upset […]