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Jeff is a creative strategist within Ketchum’s Corporate Communications group.

The Secret of Flight: Overcoming Creative Struggles

by Jeff Lewonczyk | September 7, 2016

The most valuable creative experience I’ve ever had might be the time I needed to make someone fly. As a longtime playwright and theater director, I’ve had to tackle all sorts of self-imposed artistic challenges, generally with little to no budget. Every show that I’ve worked on has contained “that scene” – the one that […]

Rediscover an Overlooked Hotbed of Creativity: The Library

by Jeff Lewonczyk | April 26, 2016

I was a terrible employee at my first job – but for all the right reasons. I was 17, and my favorite place on earth was the public library. In retrospect, assigning me to shelve recently returned books deep in the stacks was like hiring the proverbial kid to watch the proverbial candy store – […]

The 800-Pound Chimera

by Jeff Lewonczyk | June 12, 2015

Mythical monsters have always held a place of pride in popular culture – in recent years, vampires, mermaids, dragons, ogres, unicorns and Sasquatch have all had their moment in the spotlight. But one creature that you don’t hear much about is the chimera. Despite its impeccable pedigree – the earliest reference appears in Homer’s Iliad […]

Seven Graphic Novels and Comics That All Communicators Should Check Out

by Jeff Lewonczyk | April 28, 2015

Ever since I’ve been old enough to hold a book, I’ve been crazy for comics. To this day, few things provide me with more pleasure than the combination of pictures and words, telling stories together in ways that neither can do on their own. As PR, marketing and journalism become increasingly visual disciplines, it makes […]

Language Tips from a Well-Spoken Cat, Part II

by Jeff Lewonczyk | April 23, 2014

My home is filled from top to bottom with books, which means that my cat Pappy has spent his entire life cuddling up amongst thousands and thousands of pages. It turns out that all this language has rubbed off on him – not only has he somehow learned to talk, he’s developed outspoken opinions about […]

The Pin That Ate Manhattan

by Jeff Lewonczyk | March 5, 2014

I’m one of those anomalies of the Internet – a devoted male Pinterest user with absolutely no interest in recipes or wedding planning. I’m an illustration and design nut, and I happen to love the way the site’s interface helps me keep a visual archive of artists and images that catch my eye over the […]