Mike Doyle is a partner and regional president for Ketchum, overseeing operations in New York, Boston, Midwest and Canada, and a member of the agency’s 19-member Global Leadership Council. He’s been part of the global Ketchum network for more than 20 years and counseled clients in a wide range of industries and services, helping global brands enhance their corporate reputation, launch products, merge or acquire new brands and navigate issues and crises. He is the co-chair of Omnicom’s OPEN Pride community, which promotes awareness, acceptance and advocacy for the network’s LGBT community by creating opportunities for leadership, visibility, community involvement, networking and business.

Out & Standing

by Mike Doyle | June 14, 2017

If you told the 24, or even 34 year-old version of me that one day I’d be sharing thoughts publicly on what Pride Month means to me I’d have called you crazy. Or worse, back then, misguided. My path to Pride hasn’t been clear or easy, and it’s probably been more private than some. The […]

When Does Cacophony Become Caca-phoney: ISO Authentic Leadership

by Mike Doyle | March 15, 2016

I present these thoughts without political bias. Well, maybe I present them with a tiny bit of political bias, but with a big old helping of opinions about leadership. Consider this one guy’s observations about what it really means to be an authentic leader—oh, and basketball. I was recently traveling outside the U.S., which, in this […]

Maybe We Need to Call It ThanksShowing?

by Mike Doyle | November 25, 2015

I was on a flight earlier this week and watched a man give up his seat in first class to a mother with her infant. As he graciously joined the rest of us back in coach, he probably noticed, like I did, the many passengers flipping through magazines with big turkeys on their covers heralding […]

Look for the “Great Equalizers”

by Mike Doyle | March 20, 2015

I spent the first week of 2015 in a New York hospital. The details aren’t important – all’s well, thanks to some talented people and good meds. But thanks to the experience, my perspective on leadership has changed in a way I didn’t expect. For the first 48 hours of my stay my bed was […]

Disconnect to Connect? Finding My Way Back Ohm

by Mike Doyle | February 26, 2014

I picked up the February 3rd issue of TIME Magazine at a New York subway newsstand because its cover, “The Mindful Revolution: The Science of Finding Focus in a Stressed-out, Multitasking Culture” was less of a lure and more of a dare. Ironically, I didn’t make time to read it until last night – too […]

Wisdom: Lost, Then Found

by Mike Doyle | June 15, 2012

The moral of this story: sometimes wisdom hits you at the most unexpected times. A few weeks ago, at the ripe old age of not-a-teenager-anymore, I had all four wisdom teeth removed.  True story: I was scheduled to have the procedure done on September 12, 2001.  For obvious reasons, that didn’t happen, and I waited […]