Ken leads the ideation, development, integration and execution efforts of Ketchum Digital’s creative team. He combines business and creative goals, and magnifies them with technology’s potential for producing immersive content solutions.

The Mojo of Emojis

by Ken Buraker | July 17, 2017

Emojis, the modern day equivalent of hieroglyphics, have permeated every corner of our world and completely transformed how we communicate. In fact, 90% of the global community is using emoji and more than six billion emoji are sent each day.1 As we celebrate World Emoji Day, here are 10 insights, tips and trends to consider […]

Virtual Reality: What’s Next?

by Ken Buraker | July 14, 2016

  I love creative technology and consider myself a futurist. With the arrival of Ketchum VR, my mind has been captivated by the current and seemingly limitless future possibilities of VR. In the communications world, we are at a new tipping point toward real innovation in how we engage with audiences. Thanks to virtual reality […]

Sequential Opportunities: The Power of Visual Storytelling

by Ken Buraker | October 22, 2012

Visual storytelling has surged in popularity in the marketing world. In an information age of super saturation, the need to grab consumer attention has grown in importance. Thankfully, due to increased network bandwidth, smartphones, tablet computers and seemingly endless content channels, the opportunities for visual engagement have increased exponentially. Take Pinterest, the social image sharing […]

Bringing Visual Storytelling to Life

by Ken Buraker | March 1, 2012

Visual storytelling is saying little. And we practice what we preach. Good visual storytelling means letting the technique speak for itself. Check out the video we created for Bayer (client) that brings our approach to life.