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Jo-ann Robertson is the CEO of Ketchum London. Her areas of expertise includes strategic media relations, crisis and issues management, stakeholder relations, corporate reputation management, and government relations. Jo-ann is a connoisseur of fine shoes and loves baton twirling. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter @RedRobertino

It takes 2…. hundred and forty baby!

by Jo-ann Robertson | February 28, 2018

They say that as you get older time passes much more quickly, well I can certainly vouch for that. The first nine weeks of the year have flown past, so it’s important to pause and appreciate the great things we have achieved and the lessons learned. February has been another global whirlwind. I spent a […]

Listen up to be a great leader.

by Jo-ann Robertson | February 16, 2018

Want to become a better leader? Stop talking and start listening. I’ll be honest from the get-go. Listening is not my preferred option, I prefer talking. I am a person who likes to speak up, have my say, come up with solutions. Those who know me know I am a strong personality who is confident […] Leading Through Turbulent Times

by Jo-ann Robertson | August 18, 2017

Political uncertainty leads to economic uncertainty, which, in turn, leads to business uncertainty as people fear for their job security and the future success of their company. What people want, and need, during tough times is strong leadership.

Everything Changes, but Everything Remains the Same

by Jo-ann Robertson | July 28, 2015

One of the first lessons I learned when I started working in communications in the early 2000s was that successful business or brand campaigns were no different to political campaigns. What are the key ingredients? A powerful vision/purpose Clear objectives Simple messages Great spokespeople Rapid rebuttal Much has been made about the digital and social […]

A Modern Labour Fit to Govern

by Jo-ann Robertson | May 13, 2015

The Labour Party should not be surprised at the situation it currently finds itself in. When you have a leader that doesn’t connect with people, a strategy that people don’t understand, and policies that appeal to a minority of the electorate, then another term in opposition should have been (and was by many) expected. But […]

60 Seconds with Ketchum: Protecting Corporate Reputation

by Jo-ann Robertson | April 30, 2014

Interested in protecting your business reputation when faced with complex and difficult issues, such as tax? Ketchum London’s Jo-ann Robertson provides some top tips in 60 seconds.