The Challenge of Leading Leaders

by Rob Flaherty| September 30, 2016

Leadership coach Ken Jacobs recently sat down with Ketchum Chairman and CEO Rob Flaherty to discuss the challenge of leading leaders and leading across multinational offices.

Ketchum Influencer: A More Evolved Global Approach to Influencer Relations

by Ann Wool| September 27, 2016

As companies everywhere embrace influencer relations, many face the same question – how do you combine the art of co-creating brand storytelling with the science of delivering hard data to select influencers and measure real business results?

Ketchum Influencer: Agency Expands Fully Integrated Influencer Relations Offer

by Brad Simon| September 22, 2016

Ketchum Influencer: Agency Expands Fully Integrated Influencer Relations Offer

Page Society Annual Conference: Can Communicators Impact the Social Divide?

by Barri Rafferty| September 22, 2016

I recently attended the 33rd Page Society Annual Conference, aptly themed, “Clash of the Empires: Building Bridges In A Divided World.” The picture painted at Page was a bit depressing, yet the realism was important for us to hear as communicators. The post-Brexit world, Trump’s ascension as a Presidential contender and the now tremendous wealth […]

The Billion-Dollar Purpose Club

by Monica Marshall| September 21, 2016

Freya Williams, author of Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses, recently gave an inspiring speech where she discussed the first nine (or ten) companies that had successfully been built into billion-dollar brands by focusing on purpose. As I was listening, the person sitting next to me asked why so many other […]

Paging Dr. Smartphone: How Tech is Disrupting Healthcare

by Lisa Sullivan and Valerie Delva| September 14, 2016

When was the last time you asked Siri a question about your health? As little as five years ago, that might have sounded like a crazy question. Today, not so much. Many of us share more personal information with our smartphones or wearables than we do with our closest friends. How many steps do we […]