Attend Respect the Internet on Oct. 6

by Jonathan Kopp| September 30, 2011

Is heavy-handed, one-way, brandcentric marketing clogging up the arteries of the Internet, barging in on our personal space, and ruining the social Web? Do we really want to be friends with brands? Do we want to be viewed not as people but as “consumers?” Are we reduced to demographics and psychographics, or has the Internet […]

The Pivotal Role of Facilitator in Change Management

by Dirk Böckenhoff| September 29, 2011

Recently, the Ketchum Pleon Change team in Munich worked with a client to help encourage one of the company’s executives to be more empathetic toward other colleagues during a merger process, and the exercise reminded me of an interesting article I came across in the German newspaper Suedeutsche Zeitung titled the “A Case for the […]

How Tumblr Can Impact SEO

by Ryan Shell| September 27, 2011

In addition to being a bit of a nerd (which they say is the new black), I’m also a long-time blogger. My latest blog project is a fashion blog and I’ve had a lot of fun building out the site and creating somewhat of a community. And yes, a guy can have/run a fashion blog.

10 Proofing Survival Tips

by Karen Strauss| September 26, 2011

When I see the published version of something I’ve worked on — whether it’s a book, brochure, website or newsletter — I never experience that delicious little frisson of excitement that should accompany all new things. Instead, I feel dread. Where are the mistakes? What’s the client or boss going to hate? What could have […]

Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps – Sept 23

by Ryan Shell| September 23, 2011

Facebook certainly turned things upside down this week didn’t they? I’m pretty excited to see the evolution of the site over the next couple of weeks, primarily because some incredibly cool functionality is going to come out. It will be great to see how said functionality impacts businesses, and the new opportunies that will be created. […]

Facebook’s Smart Move with Smart Lists

by Jonathan Kopp| September 22, 2011

I’ve been hearing a lot of questions surrounding Facebook‘s latest offering, “smart lists.” In this blog post, I plan on answering some of those questions. So, take a seat, take a deep breath, relax, and let’s talk Facebook. TechNewsWorld recently asked me, “How does Facebook’s new “smart lists” differ from Facebook’s previous options for organizing […]