The 4 Biggest Challenges Brands Face on Snapchat: Conquered

by Kelsey Fleury| August 30, 2016

With 100 million users and 400 million snaps a day, it’s no wonder brands are turning to Snapchat to connect with consumers. The social networking platform allows brands to connect and interact with an audience in real-time by posting engaging content. However, with these perks come even greater obstacles. Below are, in my opinion, the […]

Can You Hear Me Now? The Digital Age & the End of the Voice Call

by Simeon Mellalieu| August 25, 2016

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: a decline in share of voice. No, not that share of voice… I’m talking about the familiarity, trust and nuance gained by connecting via the spoken word. It seems that, in this increasingly digital landscape, the phone call has all but disappeared. The aversion is so great that I’ve even […]

Tech + Healthcare: If You Build It, Cyber Threats Will Come

by Danielle Klooth| August 23, 2016

Picture this: Your medical record and financial information was stolen at your local hospital following a simple procedure. Now you’re unexpectedly receiving bills for prescriptions you were never prescribed and procedures you never had. While network hijacks, hacks and data breaches have been the norm for retail and financial institutions, medical records are becoming an […]

How Facebook at Work is Changing the Workplace

by Stephen Waddington| August 16, 2016

We recently rolled out Facebook at Work at Ketchum. The technology is easy; we’re familiar with it already as it mirrors Facebook. Driving adoption, on the other hand, is the far more exciting and challenging piece. I’m not going to tell you Facebook at Work is a silver bullet for internal communication, but it is […]

Our View From Inside the Olympic Games Bubble

by Ann Wool| August 15, 2016

Even though this is my 13th Olympic Games, each experience is unique. I’m proud to be here with a record number of Ketchum colleagues on-site from 10 cities around the world (and our partners at MMC) to staff six different client programs. We’re managing everything from press events to athlete services. We’re in the Olympic […]

Four Tech Trends to Watch in Sports

by Chip Scarinzi| August 12, 2016

Sports fandom attached itself to me in my youth, and its power over me today is stronger than ever. As a child, I listened to radio broadcasts of my favorite team on a portable Walkman, and today, I listen to that same broadcast on a mobile app from 3,000 miles away. In the 1980s, I would […]