5 Public Speaking Missteps You Need to Avoid

by Shawn Paul Wood| August 28, 2015

What’s one fear coursing through the veins of most people, even PR wunderkinds? Public speaking. You would think, at least in the PR industry, those fears are left at the door — but there it is. How can some PR pros excel at their jobs without conquering public speaking? Well, they can be great relationship […]

FOMO vs. LOOI: What Compels Us to Be Social?

by Barri Rafferty| August 27, 2015

My family consists of myself, my husband, my college-aged son and high school-aged daughter — each of us addicted to our mobile devices in varying degrees. My husband ranks at the bottom of the scale — and we could argue over which of the remaining three holds the top spot as mobile monarch. I have […]

Not Your Textbook PR Internship

by Sharlys Leszczuk| August 21, 2015

As important as college is to building foundational knowledge, I think it’s often misrepresented as the place where you learn everything you need to know in order to land your dream job and be successful. Perhaps some majors work better than others in this model. But in my experience, in the realm of public relations, only […]

Clean Energy Plan Sparks Powerful Opportunities

by James Peters and Matthew Simmons| August 20, 2015

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced its long-awaited rule to regulate existing power plants and set the framework for state plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Most significantly, the “Clean Power Plan” includes goals to cut carbon emissions from electric power generation by 32 percent by 2030, increase generation from renewables to 28 […]

Twitter: You’re Doing It Wrong

by Jim Lin| August 18, 2015

There’s been much conversation lately about how Twitter is dead, and how nobody clicks anymore and how engagement is a thing of the past. I won’t disagree with the gist of the sentiment, but do you know what I find ironic? The folks leading the debate are the same folks who are killing it. Yup. […]

Put Me in Coach: 5 Tips To Make a Good Team Great

by David Gallagher| August 14, 2015

I come from a family of coaches. My granddad, uncle and cousin all made or make their living coaching kids’ basketball, American football and track teams – and one distant relative was the legendary (in Oklahoma) wrestling coach Ed Gallagher (pictured). The quality of their teams varied. Raw talent is a major factor. Fitness and […]