by Jon Higgins| August 27, 2010

This week, Ketchum Greater China is marking its 30th anniversary in the Chinese public relations market. With more than 150 employees in five major cities across the country, Ketchum Greater China is one of the keystones of the Ketchum’s global network in one of the world’s most rapidly growing markets. Among the special events that […]

The Culturalist

by Hal Walker| August 26, 2010

The Culturalist is thrilled that NYC burger institution ShakeShack is expanding throughout Manhattan, with outposts in Midtown, and the Upper East and West Sides of the city. Still, we were a bit flabbergasted when Pat LaFrieda (the genius butcher who created ShakeShack’s burger blend) appeared recently on a home shopping channel (ShopNBC), selling 16 six-ounce burgers […]

The Five Most Confusing Digital Media Terms

by Editor| August 25, 2010

“She Tweeted the news” or “She tweeted the news”? “IPads are on sale” or “iPads are on sale”? “He sent an email” or “He sent an e-mail”?  The fast-changing world of digital media has generated as many new terms as it has technologies. Yet PR pros and business communicators have no easy resource they can […]

BlogHer Business 2010: What We Heard

by Kelley Skoloda| August 24, 2010

As an attendee and active participant in BlogHer Business and the BlogHer conferences, I can describe them in one word: power. Power as in the power of the blogger as an influencer and consumer and the power of the enthusiasm and energy that the conferences radiate. According to BlogHer’s Social Media Matters Study 2010, which was […]


by Jon Higgins| August 20, 2010

I grew up in a one-stop-light town in rural New England.  So it came as something of a revelation when I eventually made it to the bright lights, big city, and in my first class at university, the Journalism 101 professor opened things up by announcing the newest entries in the Oxford Dictionary of English.   It […]

My Dad Should Stop Clipping Coupons on Friday Night and Just Go Online

by Alan Danzis| August 18, 2010

“What if we give away 500 of these to consumers on launch day?”  “Let’s give coupons to a couple bloggers for their readers for 10% on that.”  I’ll admit it: I’m guilty of presenting ideas like the above in brainstorms or in PowerPoint decks. Sometimes just giving something away for free is the easiest way […]