Learning to Break Through From a Summer Fellow’s Perspective

by Elyse Tremble| July 31, 2013

Fresh out of college and still in denial that my scholastic experiences had come to an end, I found myself in pursuit of opportunity. I knew I wanted to gain experience in public relations, continue learning and discover how to stand out as a professional. It was during my search that Ketchum captured my attention […]

Three Insights About Google Glass

by Ben Foster| July 30, 2013

I was recently honored to be selected as a Google Glass Explorer from my entry for #IfIHadGlass. Disclosure: I own Google stock. I plan on using Glass at DePaul where I’m an Adjunct teaching a graduate class in social media to graduate PR and Advertising students. After being notified 5 months earlier, I finally got […]

Move from Storytelling to Authorship

by Tom Barritt| July 29, 2013

The word “storytelling” is all the rage in the communications world. We’ve abandoned the time-honored tradition of “messaging” and switched to swapping stories with each other. The notion is simple. The public has rejected artificial messaging. They crave authentic stories with descriptive language and personal anecdotes. This evolution makes sense for many reasons, but comes […]

Camp Ketchum: Winning on the Communication Battlefield

by Stephen Waddington| July 26, 2013

The fragmentation of media brought about by the Internet has made engagement between an organization and its audiences more complicated than ever before. But there is also a significant upside. Digital and social forms of media make it easier to understand audience behaviors and motivations. The result is that communications has an emerging role at […]

Camp Ketchum in Pictures

by Editor| July 26, 2013

Camp Ketchum 2013 got underway on Wednesday. 83 campers from around Ketchum’s global network congregated in Mont Tremblant, Canada for an intensive off-site training experience. The campers dove right in to the five-day  program with a community service project. The town of La Conception experienced a gas leakage a few years ago that contaminated their […]

A Fresh Approach For Leading Change

by Tyler Durham| July 25, 2013

Organizations and leaders today operate in a complex state of continuous flux. An ongoing groundswell of change across industries, political and regulatory environments, leadership, technology and communications happens quickly and with limited predictability that is forcing organizations to meet these challenges in a new way to stay competitive. The conditions have become so dynamic that […]