A Painfully Awesome Experience

by Andrada Morar| July 29, 2011

“How could somebody describe summer camp as being scary?!” This was the question I have asked myself when I read the first e-mail that David Gallagher sent to the European participants for Camp Ketchum. The ideas I initially had about Camp, which was held in Quebec, Canada, were all about having fun: meeting new colleagues […]

Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps

by Ryan Shell| July 28, 2011

Welcome to the first ever “Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps” (cut me some slack on the name) edition on the Ketchum Blog. This weekly feature will be published every Friday with a goal of highlighting mostly digitally related articles from around the web as tweeted by, you guessed it, Ketchum employees. The articles will cover a […]

Taking the Facebook-Skype Video Chat for a Spin

by Adam Kornblum| July 28, 2011

The video chatting competition between juggernauts is on! You have Google+’s video “hangouts” in one corner and Facebook-Skype video chat in the other corner. . . In my blog post last week (“My Meeting with Jonathan Kopp plus Google+”), I was able to record Jonathan Kopp, Global Director of our Ketchum Digital group, switch to a random […]

The Changing Communications World

by Peter Fleischer| July 27, 2011

One of the great things about Camp Ketchum is how the teachers end up learning as much as the students. In a grand experiment, 70-plus campers were divided into teams, thrown a business challenge, and asked to present creative solutions in entirely new ways. The results, produced in less than 24 hours, were simply astonishing. Their courage, […]

Camp Ketchum: Knowledge, Passion, Friendship

by Isaac Mark| July 26, 2011

Camp Ketchum – Ketchum’s camp experience that took place last week and brought colleagues together from around the world to help us develop as leaders — was simply an amazing experience. The opportunity to meet and partner with so many different diverse team members from across the globe is extremely empowering. We all got a […]

Camp Ketchum: In Over Our Heads

by Robert Burnside| July 25, 2011

Take 77 campers plus 22 counselors and put them up in the Canadian mountains for five days. First, have the counselors teach the campers the latest strategy and best practices for delivering best-in-class public relations expertise. Everyone stays up late and drinks a lot. Next, bring in one of your agency’s largest clients to challenge the campers with a […]