What Can We Learn From the Old Spice Guy?

by Alan Danzis| July 30, 2010

About two weeks ago, Old Spice’s advertising partner, Wieden + Kennedy, had a brilliant idea: have the star of their commercials, Isaiah Mustafa, aka “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” personally thank people online for their comments about his videos. Some ranged from celebrities like Alyssa Milano, some included media outlets, and others had […]

Take Notice! A Play About Teenagers With No Mention of the F-Word (Facebook)

by Adrianna Giuliani| July 30, 2010

Recently I was in a meeting where someone was talking about “Millennials” and said the following: “With teenagers today, if they don’t share it on Facebook, it didn’t happen.” I thought to myself, if they really believe this and inadvertently forget to bring a camera to their child’s birthday party, they could be paying for […]

Jerzify Yourself!

by Amy Teter Romero| July 22, 2010

Here is the “situation.” I just read this entertaining article about social media in Ad Age: “Five Things ‘Jersey Shore’ Taught My Agency About Social Media.”  Most important tidbit I took away from the article (besides the fact that I need to wear more sunscreen or I’ll start to resemble Snookie) is that link building and sharing […]

The Geoconsumer Game?

by Catherine Merritt| July 21, 2010

With news that Foursquare has just surpassed 100 million check-ins, it’s clear that geolocation marketing isn’t going away anytime fast. While Foursquare is certainly king of this share, other notable brands include Loopt, Brightkite, Gowalla, and Whrrl. In the past six or so months, more and more companies are taking notice of Foursquare and the like, […]

The Retail World Is Flatter Than Ever

by Barri Rafferty| July 21, 2010

I love to people-watch and walk a city observing the culture. After recently visiting Madrid, what I see has become much more similar to what I see in the U.S. The phones, fashions and cosmetics and even the size of cars are becoming more and more similar. Sue Whitely, U.K. managing director of Louis Vuitton, was quoted in LS:N […]

From Russia With Love, by Way of Silicon Valley

by Jonathan Kopp| July 15, 2010

President Barack Obama and ex-British PM Gordon Brown might have been the earliest adopters among world leaders on Twitter (@BarackObama and @Number10gov, respectively). But since then, there’s been a steady stream of executive arrivals, including @netanyahu, @PMHarper, @sebastianpinera, @HHSHKMOHD, @hatoyamayukio, @KevinRuddPM, and @QueenRania, among others. Heck, even Hugo Chavez has gotten in on the act […]