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Chris Abell is an Account Executive with the Corporate & Public Affairs Practice at Ketchum Pleon London. His areas of expertise includes organising party conference events, political analysis and > monitoring, social media outreach to MPs and stakeholder engagement. Chris is part of the Ketchum Pleon football team and often plays in friendly matches against the sister company Emanate. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter @chris_abell1

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Q&A with Chris Abell, Ketchum Public Affairs

Q&A with Chris Abell, Ketchum Public Affairs

by Chris Abell| June 30, 2014

Q: Opportunity on a plate: How can brands protect their reputations when under so much political and regulatory scrutiny? A: Whether it’s the horsemeat scandal, alcohol pricing or lobby groups such as Action on Sugar, arguably there has never been a time when the food and drink industry has been under greater political and regulatory scrutiny.  […]