Q&A with Chris Abell, Ketchum Public Affairs

by Chris Abell| June 30, 2014

Q: Opportunity on a plate: How can brands protect their reputations when under so much political and regulatory scrutiny? A: Whether it’s the horsemeat scandal, alcohol pricing or lobby groups such as Action on Sugar, arguably there has never been a time when the food and drink industry has been under greater political and regulatory scrutiny.  […]

For Food’s Sake, Stop Eating Up Nature

by Kate Hopper| June 30, 2014

#FfsStopeatingnature Food security is under threat, food habits must change and the industry has a vital role to play in preventing us in the West from “eating up nature.” At least that’s the received wisdom. But even if we agree that the rich West is disproportionately consuming the world’s resources, there’s little consensus on how […]

Best Places to Work—Ketchum UK

by Brad Simon| June 27, 2014

For the eighth consecutive year – and the ninth year overall – the Great Places to Work Institute named Ketchum London as one of the U.K.’s top places to work. Ketchum came it at number 24 on the Institute’s annual list out of the 45 honorees in the “Medium” category. To celebrate, we took some […]

Your Grandma Saved Facebook

by Jim Lin| June 25, 2014

Facebook is hemorrhaging users, they say. “I can’t get no (organic) satisfaction,” they gripe. Facebook doesn’t value your privacy, they warn. Facebook will die, they predict. One of those statements is as false as your grandmother’s teeth. As someone whose professional and personal world revolves around digital media, social platforms and apps, I’m immersed in an […]

Painting Pictures With Words

by Petra Sammer| June 23, 2014

If there was one word on everyone’s lips in Cannes last week, it was “story.” But scratch below the surface and you’ll find the richer ground upon which great stories are built. I asked some of Ketchum’s Cannes delegates if they could sum up the main themes of the festival in a single word; following […]

About to be “Scene@Cannes”: Episode 6

by Brad Simon| June 21, 2014

We wrap up our Scene@Cannes interview series by reflecting on the inspiration that can be found at the Cannes Lions Festival and at home. We hope you enjoyed our series! Follow our Cannes adventures by viewing our Scene@Cannes social stream here.