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Sarah is a VP of Insights & Strategic Planning, working closely with team leaders to catalyze the planning/creative process and develop key research-based and target-relevant insights that help lead to clear strategic vision. In essence, people fascinate her and she figures out what makes them tick so brands can intersect with consumers in a meaningful, mutually profitable way. Recently named to the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Marketing & Advertising, her focus on millennials has become a core area of Ketchum expertise. A committed cultural enthusiast, it’s hard to find something that doesn’t interest her. You can follow Sarah’s random musings on Twitter @sarahjane047, PSFK, and her blog, So Five Minutes Ago.

Food Insecurity: The Most Critically Misunderstood US Issue?

by Sarah Unger| June 30, 2012

As far as world problems go, hunger seems an obvious one. We all consume food and we’ve all heard that rumble from the stomach when we go a bit too long without any. Every day we interact intimately with food, so theoretically we should understand the issues faced when one must go sans food, right? […]

Ever Heard of Aspen Ideas Festival?

by Sarah Unger| June 27, 2012

Unlike Davos, Cannes, and TED, Aspen can fly under the radar…unless you’re in an elite group of thought-leaders who convene in the mountains to discuss the world’s biggest issues (sounds cool, right?). Each summer, roughly 300 speakers assemble to prompt discussion around diverse topics such as the pressures of an exploding population, the roots of […]