Food Insecurity: The Most Critically Misunderstood US Issue?

by Sarah Unger| June 30, 2012

As far as world problems go, hunger seems an obvious one. We all consume food and we’ve all heard that rumble from the stomach when we go a bit too long without any. Every day we interact intimately with food, so theoretically we should understand the issues faced when one must go sans food, right? […]

Five Tips on Being an Effective Panel Speaker

by Tom Barritt| June 29, 2012

Try your luck at this business riddle. If you gather four people on a panel to speak on a common topic, what do you get? A) A lively exchanged of ideas? B) Useful insights from engaging speakers? C) A fist fight? D) A study in boredom? Too often, the answer is D, although C would […]

Cartoons from Cannes

by Ryan Shell| June 28, 2012

The slides below are from Ketchum’s “Cartoons from Cannes” webinar on July 28 (11 a.m. EST), and are a creative way to share some of the top headlines colleagues took away from the 2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. And take note – these aren’t just any old PowerPoint slides. Working with Marketoonist Tom […]

Ever Heard of Aspen Ideas Festival?

by Sarah Unger| June 27, 2012

Unlike Davos, Cannes, and TED, Aspen can fly under the radar…unless you’re in an elite group of thought-leaders who convene in the mountains to discuss the world’s biggest issues (sounds cool, right?). Each summer, roughly 300 speakers assemble to prompt discussion around diverse topics such as the pressures of an exploding population, the roots of […]

Ketchum Leadership Change

by Ray Kotcher| June 26, 2012

On July 1, Rob Flaherty, currently Senior Partner and President, will assume the role of CEO of Ketchum and I will become Chairman. I am certain that our clients, our employees and the industry will greet this news with great enthusiasm. The two of us have had the great pleasure of working together for more […]

Spine-Tingling Perspective From the Client’s World

by Serena De Morgan| June 25, 2012

Those of us lucky enough to be part of a long-term, highly engaged client partnership are in the privileged position of closely observing that client’s business and inner workings on a regular basis. But the hustle and bustle of daily deadlines and talent management can make it hard to step back and reflect on this […]