Financial Communications: A Q&A with Bob Zito

by David Allan| May 25, 2017

Ketchum Zito Financial, a strategic alliance offering management consulting and financial communications services between Ketchum and Zito Partners (ZP), marked the third anniversary of its alliance this week. David Allan, SVP of Investor Relations at Ketchum, recently sat down with founder Bob Zito to ask him a few questions about the future of financial communications, […]

Shifting from Survive to Thrive

by Christy Salcido| May 24, 2017

When asked the question: “What’s your title?” the natural response is to blurt out what’s in your email signature or printed on your business cards. Makes sense, right? For me, career has always been front and center in my life. And, I could probably recite every job title I’ve had since I first walked through […]

Endangered Species Day: Four Ways to Engage

by Jacquie McMahon| May 19, 2017

Most of us can relate to a love of animals. We’ve always had a favorite animal – or, a more recent trend, discovered our “spirit animal.” But did you know that more than 23,000 animal species are identified as threatened with extinction, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species? Animals that we know […]

Open Dialogue Leads to Encouraging Signs on Pharmaceutical Pricing

by John Weckenmann| May 18, 2017

If ever there was a wedge issue in the healthcare field, surely it’s pharmaceutical pricing. Few topics have generated as much attention or, in some cases, drawn as much opprobrium from all manner of stakeholders – media, government, politicians, NGOs and just plain ordinary citizens. That’s why it’s been reassuring lately to see several notable […]

Finding That Job and Career You Love

by Hillary Schuetz| May 16, 2017

Two years ago, I moved to New York to work at KGRA after completing my master’s at Florida State University. After 17 years of being a student, moving into my first post-college job was daunting. Without much professional experience, I had to use life lessons I had gained along the way to help me build […]

Lessons from Mom

by Mike Doyle and Cheryll Forsatz| May 11, 2017

As we approach Mother’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate all things mom. Specifically, how a mother’s influence shapes your professional presence. Below are two unique perspectives on how both being a mom, and the guidance she provides, can have a profound impact on the decision making process throughout your career. Cheryll […]