The Extra 26.2

by Jon Higgins| May 28, 2010

For 87 years, Ketchum has taken pride in always going the extra mile for our clients. But 26.2? Yes, that’s a full marathon. Sally Arnold’s snap decision to go for it – the entire distance – was actually made when all but one entrant had completed last Sunday’s London Marathon. It was 9pm. It was […]

Do You Hear Me?

by Kelley Skoloda| May 27, 2010

Your customers are talking, Tweeting, texting and tubing (YouTubing, that is) and they have a lot to say. Do you, as a marketer, hear them? Do you care? What impact does that input have on your company? How are you changing how you do business as a result of listening to consumers? How do you […]

Does Social Media Matter?

by Kelley Skoloda| May 27, 2010

Research, or any recent conversation with a marketer will tell you that social media is one of the marketing hottest topics. What’s working? What’s not? What’s the latest? How do I put it in context? That’s why Ketchum’s Brand Marketing Practice decided to sponsor BlogHer’s annual social media study, aptly named, the 2010 Social Media […]

What's In Your Sandwich?

by Ruth Yearley| May 27, 2010

They say you can never trust a person who, when left in a room alone with a tea cosy, would not pop it on their head and see how it looks as a hat. Here is a picture of a tea cosy for those of you who do not live in 1950 tea room England. […]