Global Scholar: Broadening Horizons Through the Exchange of Ideas

by Guadalupe Saez| April 30, 2015

Where to begin! The experience of leaving Madrid and working abroad as a Global Scholar within Ketchum’s Washington D.C. and New York offices was incredible, to say the least. As part of the Healthcare Practice, my colleagues in both cities exposed me to every facet of their roles right from the start! I conducted research, […]

Transparency Becoming Harder to Chew for the Food Industry

by Tara Munday| April 28, 2015

The food industry, more than any other consumer sector, is built molecule by molecule on trust, and the harder it is for consumers to get AND UNDERSTAND the information they want, the less likely they are to trust. A new book by Joanna Blythman, Swallow This, clearly shows the challenge ahead. That, in a nutshell, […]

The Science of Sugar: Less Sugar Coating and More Facts Required

by Jordan Campbell| April 28, 2015

Glancing at the headlines you’d be forgiven for thinking that sugar is public menace number one. Sensationalist reporting has nailed sugar as the primary cause of everything from obesity, diabetes and cancer. While we all know that too much of anything can be a bad thing, it is important that sugar is not over demonised […]

SXSW: 6 Ingredients for Brand Success

by Abby Guthkelch| April 28, 2015

1. Perfection faux pas Our work should never be perfect because we’re not. Content that’s polished doesn’t sound human. Strategy that’s static is stale. Buzzfeed champions ‘incomplete’ and evolving content because iteration driven by audience insight is the key to impact.     2. Content is king but contextualised content is president Content is meaningless […]

Seven Graphic Novels and Comics That All Communicators Should Check Out

by Jeff Lewonczyk| April 28, 2015

Ever since I’ve been old enough to hold a book, I’ve been crazy for comics. To this day, few things provide me with more pleasure than the combination of pictures and words, telling stories together in ways that neither can do on their own. As PR, marketing and journalism become increasingly visual disciplines, it makes […]

Boredom is a Brand’s Nemesis – Particularly for Millennials

by Sarah Unger| April 27, 2015

As Seen In … Voxburner At Youth Marketing Strategy NYC on May 20th, Sarah Unger, VP, Insights & Strategic Planning and Angela Fernandez, VP, Creative & Strategic Planner at Ketchum will be taking to the stage to challenge all the presumptions you had about Gen Y. We caught up with them to find out more […]