Six Principles of Client Relationships

by Sabine Stadel-Strauch| April 30, 2014

At Ketchum, we get that it’s a people business and the way to build trust with clients and gain a real understanding of their audiences is in-person through deep listening, probing conversation and true collaboration as business partners. We believe the trust we’ve built with our clients is why we have such enduring relationships and […]

Risk vs. Reward: Are the Reputational Stakes Getting Higher for Government Service Providers?

by Darren Young| April 30, 2014

As the UK once again enters another General Election cycle, much of the media focus will begin to shift onto 7 May 2015. The next Election, like the last one, is likely to focus on the state of public finances, with the main parties looking to win the confidence of the electorate as the most […]

60 Seconds with Ketchum: Protecting Corporate Reputation

by Jo-ann Robertson| April 30, 2014

Interested in protecting your business reputation when faced with complex and difficult issues, such as tax? Ketchum London’s Jo-ann Robertson provides some top tips in 60 seconds.

What Does the Future Hold for Events?

by Kiera Goymour| April 29, 2014

Business-to-business communication used to be one-way traffic, however, with the complete immersion of the web and social media in the workplace, audience expectations have completely changed with the onus now on creating a dialogue. So what does this mean for events in the context of B2B communications? 1. Adoption of new technologies and marketing trends In […]

Learn to Manage Your Energy Efficiently

by Melissa Barry| April 29, 2014

In addition to working full-time, all of us have busy lives full of responsibilities, and it can be a challenge to keep up with everything without becoming utterly exhausted. The fact that we can all relate to this is why one of the most popular Ketchum University learning opportunities, offered by the agency is the […]

Interview with Paul Holmes, CEO and Founder, The Holmes Report

by Stephen Waddington| April 28, 2014

Paul Holmes, founder and CEO of The Holmes Report, visited Ketchum’s London office last week as part of his data gathering exercise for the Holmes Report’s Annual Agency Report Card. Paul has spent 25 years reporting on the public relations industry in Europe, North America and Asia. He has a deep understanding of both professional […]