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Frederik Tautz and Doris Christina Steiner Author

Frederik Tautz is a Ketchum Global Partner and the group’s Executive Director Digital for Germany.

He specializes in digital transformation projects for global clients, which ironically makes him love airports and closing the day in “Speisewagen”, the dining car of Germany’s national high speed train network. Frederik started his career at Ketchum when the first wave of “digital transformation” began to roll and the web started to hit broader audiences mid 90’ties. During that wild years he even participated in a conference group dance with one of the inventors of the world wide web – luckily before digital cameras became ubiquitous and Youtube was born.

Over the years he and his teams have won several industry recognitions and awards, including one for a project to digitally “re-design” universal healthcare. He has hold lecturing positions at several universities and is the author of one of the first academic reference book on the risks of digital transformation in the physician-patient-relationship. Today he mostly speaks about digital innovations at national and international settings or makes C-level audiences build their first own AI or IRL bot in under 30 minutes.

Doris is the Managing Digital Director at Ketchum Publico in Vienna and helps brands, companies and institutions in all aspects of digital communications and with the digital transformation of corporate communications.

At Ketchum she works with top-tier clients on pan-European digital campaigns, influencer relations, corporate influencer and C-level social media training.

Since 2013 she has been an external lecturer on campaigning at University of Applied Sciences Kufstein. She’s a member of the Austrian Public Relations Ethics Council and headed the publication of a codex for digital communications. She is a co-founder of Digitalista, the award-winning network for women in the Austrian digital industry.

Doris has won several national and international awards like PR Young Cannes Lions. In addition, she is an internationally sought after speaker on influencer engagement.