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Ray started at Ketchum in 1983, was appointed CEO in 2000, and became its Chairman in 2012. During his tenure, he has overseen the expansion of the firm’s global client-service footprint, as well as the broadening and deepening of Ketchum’s offerings. He actively counsels clients, has been included in PRWeek’s Power List and serves in leadership positions across the industry.

Egypt's Uprising Shows Us the "Global Village" Is Here: So What Does This Mean to Us as Communicators . . . and as Individuals?

by Ray Kotcher| February 15, 2011

Marshall McLuhan’s prediction of nearly 50 years ago that we would be living in a Global Village — that the media will create common and shared experiences among everyone on the planet — was amazingly farsighted. We see clear evidence of this most every day now, with recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and now the […]