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Gianni is European Director for Digital & Social Media; a nuclear engineer by background (I know!) he started in tech (IBM, Olivetti, Lotus) before moving to the dark side remaining however an hopeless geek and gadget freak. His personal hero is Nobel prize winner Richard P Feynman, perhaps the best science divulgator who ever existed, which explains Gianni’s love for speaking and lecturing. Married and father of three he loves reading and movies as well as living in the countryside with three cats, two dogs and a horse. Catch up with him also on his personal blog

The Death of the Browser

by Gianni Catalfamo| February 19, 2011

At the LeWeb conference in Paris recently, the Mozilla Foundation discussed how to make the Web experience more “personal.” I think the heart of this discussion is the unmistakable trend, initiated by Apple, but happily followed by Google and Nokia, to constrain Web content into the tightly controlled channels represented by apps. I sometimes marvel […]