India Can Look Inside To Solve Brand Problems

by Rod Cartwright| November 30, 2012

This post was originally published on “The continued prosperity of the world’s developed nations is no more guaranteed than the enduring poverty of its developing ones”. With these words, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched last week’s World Economic Forum in India entitled “From Deliberation to Transformation”. His opening set a challenging but upbeat […]

Have You Overlooked this LinkedIn Page Feature?

by Ryan Shell| November 28, 2012

LinkedIn has released a number of website updates as of late, and there’s one in particular that has to do with Pages that you don’t want to overlook. LinkedIn Pages are often excluded from content distribution plans, which is unfortunate given that many pages, especially for larger organizations, can have sizable followings. But, for the sake […]

Introducing Ketchum Sounds, a New Music Marketing Service

by Jeff Lewonczyk| November 26, 2012

Music is a major part of the marketing mix, opening the door to fans of major pop-culture influencers and creating an easily accessible language that spans demographics and geographies. To tap the power of this medium, Ketchum is launching Ketchum Sounds, a music marketing specialty that helps clients reach consumers by tapping into their musical […]

Issues and Crises: Lessons from the field

by David Gallagher| November 21, 2012

The difference between an issue and a crisis is not subtle. Issues prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep and may, when particularly acute, demand our full undivided attention. Bad press from a product recall, the market’s rejection of management’s latest strategic plan, or a threatening piece of regulation; these are issues all too […]

Leave the Apologies Behind

by Barri Rafferty| November 20, 2012

We recently held the second installment of panel discussion series, “Real Women Fostering Women’s Leadership,” titled “Leave the Apologies Behind.”  I was joined by Ellen East, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications, Time Warner Cable; Erin Ganju, CEO and co-founder of Room to Read; and Lori Klein, Managing Partner, Director, Client Services, Cline Davis & […]

Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets About Creativity and Decision Making

by Rob Flaherty| November 19, 2012

During the Holmes Global PR Summit in Miami a couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of hosting a session called “Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets About Creativity and Decision Making” with esteemed neuroscientist and best-selling author, Dr. David Eagleman. Our session explored his theories about the extent to which subconscious perceptions inform our daily […]