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As a Senior Partner, CEO of Ketchum’s European operations and Chairman of the London office, David Gallagher brings more than 20 years of public relations experience, both as a client and as a senior agency adviser, to some of the world’s leading brands and companies. Interested in PR, politics, Texas Longhorns and life with two labradoodles. Follow him on Twitter @TBoneGallagher.

Thin Hair Ribbons of Honor: A Dare For Creative Minds

by David Gallagher| October 24, 2014

Last November, I sported a moustache for the first time ever. I’ll do so again this year. Not because it suits me (it does not), but because it’s a remarkably simple way to start a conversation about a topic that seems altogether neglected: men’s health. Men are notoriously reticent when it comes to their health, […]

The Language of the Austerity Debate

by David Gallagher| October 9, 2014

As European governments begin to openly challenge the EU and ECB policies of austerity measures, it’s an interesting moment to look at how both sides have been waging the debate. Keith Yazmir, managing director EMEA at our partner agency maslansky + partners, works to help clients use the right language that resonates emotionally with their […]

The Future of PR is African

by David Gallagher| October 6, 2014

For decades, PR as a profession and as a service industry has been largely an American, British or European concern, but all of this is changing, almost overnight. I’ll be in Delhi this week, and I’ll probably say that the future of PR looks Indian. And after that, Abu Dhabi, where the future of PR […]