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Samantha Jen (Account Coordinator, Ketchum Canada) is a motivated and enthusiastic professional, passionate about storytelling, social media marketing and digital strategy. With a background in community management and content creation, Samantha has led social campaigns ranging from B2B/B2C tech startups to capturing live event coverage of a winter wonderland. In her short but sweet time in agency life, Samantha is excited to continue building relationships with Canadian media to effectively tell a brand’s story.

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Five Brand Benefits of the Insta-Museum

by Samantha Jen| January 7, 2020

Step right up! I see you’re intrigued by the bright colors and bold sounds on display here (and the line around the corner doesn’t hurt either). Yes, of course you can take some photos for Instagram! What is this place, you ask—a funhouse? Not quite. It’s a new kind of attraction that’s popping up all […]