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Ryan is Senior Manager, Online Communications, for Ketchum. He’s an avid cyclist and blogger, and is proud of his Southern roots. Feel free to check out his personal website, or connect with him on Twitter – @RyanShell.

One of My Worst PR Nightmares

by Ryan Shell| February 6, 2014

Years ago I worked at a camp for kids with chronic illnesses and was in charge of marketing and public relations. In my time there I helped the camp get a ton of press, but this story has to do with a specific three-month period. During these three months I spent a considerable amount of […]

Five Writing Tips for the Web

by Ryan Shell| July 8, 2013

There’s no doubt about it, writing for the web is significantly different than if you were, for instance, to sit down and start writing a long-form digital document not meant for being published online. But that fact of the matter is, writing for the Web requires a (much) different approach. Here’s a classic example. If […]

Bringing the Leadership Communication Monitor to Life

by Ryan Shell| April 5, 2013

We recently launched the 2013 Leadership Communication Monitor, a study that polled a group of 6,000 consumers across 12 countries on five continents, and you can download the full report here. The study is packed with great insights, and in the video below, our CEO, Rob Flaherty, brings some of the findings to life through […]

Why I Would Not Go to SXSW

by Ryan Shell| March 14, 2013

I’m fresh off my first trip to SXSW and it was an enlightening and interesting experience. I was fortunate enough to hear some great keynote speakers, and also attended a fun session with Shaquille O’Neil. We posted insights on the blog all throughout SXSW Interactive and, while there are many reasons to attend the conference, […]

Shaq Steals the Show at SXSW & Kisses Brian Solis

by Ryan Shell| March 11, 2013

I’ve been to some fantastic sessions at SXSW, but the one I attended this afternoon with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal was particularly amazing. He was interviewed by Brian Solis, a well-known media strategist and principal at the Altimeter Group. The session touched on everything from education (did you know Shaq has a master’s degree and […]

How Brands Can Stand Out at SXSW

by Ryan Shell| March 10, 2013

There are two types of brands at SXSW: established and un-established. Both want to capture as much attention as possible, but that’s no easy task. One way to attempt to do so is by plastering posters on columns. End result? Becoming part of an artistic collage and receiving very little brand awareness.