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Communicating in a Post-Brexit World

by Rod Cartwright| July 7, 2016

The UK’s extraordinary decision to leave the European Union has given rise to a period of substantially increased uncertainty in financial markets, geo-politics, investment, talent and perhaps even personal identity – as so many of us wonder what sort of place the UK and Europe is set to become. The key dynamics behind the UK’s historic […]

Breaking Through Barriers to Great Leadership: A KLCM Five Year Worldview

by Rod Cartwright| June 30, 2016

Five years ago, we set out–through our annual Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) Study–to answer two simple questions: “What does the world think of its leaders?” and “What can those leaders, and the organizations they steer, do to restore confidence? (click to tweet)” Issues that lie at the heart of what we do to help […]

7 Lessons for Effective Leadership

by Rod Cartwright| November 24, 2015

As Seen In…World Economic Forum Agenda Blog “Please, pray for me”. With those words, Pope Francis closes every speech and sermon he gives. This is a powerful acknowledgement of one’s own imperfections from the leader who came second only to Nelson Mandela in the Forum’s recent Global Shapers Annual Survey, which asked the community which leaders they […]

Six Lessons For the Leaders of Tomorrow

by Rod Cartwright| October 29, 2014

As Seen in The World Economic Forum’s Blog… Picture the scene: It’s your annual appraisal and your boss has said she wants the discussion to focus mainly on your leadership. She opens by telling you that just over one in five of your colleagues actually think you’re a good leader (ouch). She goes on to […]

The Future of Leadership Communication is More “Feminine” – KLCM 2014

by Rod Cartwright| May 21, 2014

Every time I go abroad on business, my daughter and I have something of a ritual where she says to me, “Dad, while you’re there, make sure you do something worthwhile.” Obviously that is a pretty good life lesson for all of us; it’s also something that we at Ketchum endeavor to do every spring, […]

Of Peacocks and Feather Dusters …

by Rod Cartwright| December 23, 2013

Of Peacocks and Feather Dusters … If you consider how enduringly challenging the global economic climate remains, I’m sometimes struck by how easy it is to forget how blessed we are to be in gainful employment in an industry that can make a real difference. This was brought home to me recently when I was […]