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Paul is Partner and EMEA Regional Director for Ketchum Change, the firm’s change management, employee engagement and workforce communications consultancy. He is an occupational psychologist and has been engaged in business consultancy roles since 1997, leading business transformation, HR and people change programmes.

Paul’s experience covers a variety of industry sectors including central and local government, retailing, manufacturing, telecoms, regulation and financial services.

The Role of Habit in Shifting Organisational Culture

by Paul Teuton| November 9, 2016

I probably have more questions than answers on this topic, which is an annoying habit of mine that I’m trying to break. In the meantime, here are four commonly asked questions (and answers) regarding what it takes to identify both good and bad habits—and how your reaction to those habits can shift organizational behaviour and […]

Building an Authentic Culture: 8 Attributes that Crack the Code

by Paul Teuton| June 4, 2015

Organizational culture is the result of what employees see, hear, do and believe. It unites people around a shared mission and goal, creating a sense of meaning around relationships, work and achievement in the workplace. Employees are an organization’s most important asset, and therefore developing an authentic culture is key to the success of your […]

‘Feel the Fear’ – Authentic Leadership in Times of Change

by Paul Teuton| June 3, 2015

The UK election highlighted that being seen as an effective leader is a key factor for success. The search is now on for opposition parties to elect new leaders to change their parties’ fortunes. Over the past three years, there has been a decline in people’s view of leaders. In 2014, just 22% of respondents […]

You’re Invited!

by Paul Teuton| March 12, 2015

What makes an organisation truly creative and innovative? Join us for an evening of exploration at the Ketchum Change Emporium, where we will discover how companies foster a culture of innovation and creativity among employees in order to stay competitive in today’s market. We will be welcoming the Head of Internal Communications, Facebook EMEA, who […]