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About Lisa Sullivan:
Lisa is the director of technology for Ketchum and has a passion for bringing innovative and disruptive ideas and technologies to market. Based in San Francisco, she’s on a permanent quest for the latest technology innovations, the hottest new restaurants and the perfect glass of cabernet.

About Melissa Kinch:
Melissa is partner and managing director of technology for Ketchum, specializing in corporate communications, issues management, business-to-business branding, corporate branding and strategic philanthropy/CSR.

Consumers are Ready for a Data Dialogue. Are You?

by Lisa Sullivan and Melissa Kinch| January 7, 2019

Data. If there’s one theme that rises to the surface for 2019, it’s the issue of personal data. And, if you’re the betting type, it’s safe to assume it will be a hot topic at CES in Las Vegas this week. Our personal data is being collected, stored, analyzed, sold, and mined like never before.  […]

Are We Approaching a Technology Tipping Point? Preparing for the Techruptors

by Lisa Sullivan and Melissa Kinch| September 25, 2018

Are we consumers of technology? Or are we being consumed by it? You may be surprised by the answer – it’s not as clean cut as you might expect.