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Joe Becker is the SVP for Ketchum’s digital group and is the practice lead for interactive and client strategy. Joe’s focus is online thought leadership, brand voice articulation and driving business results through online endeavors. Furthermore, Joe oversees the strategic development of innovative digital and social media programs to tell stories, facilitate collaboration, and build communities for added value to both brands and audiences. As SVP for Digital Strategy and Innovations at Ketchum, Gur Tsabar heads the Social and Digital Media operations for Ketchum West (Los Angeles and San Francisco). In his various roles, Gur has counseled an incredible array of Ketchum clients around the globe on how best to engage their various stakeholder communities online.

Introducing: The Ketchum Digital Voice Machine

by Joe Becker Gur Tsabar| April 24, 2013

What do you think about when someone says Red Bull?  … Extreme?  High-Energy?  A crazy person jumping to earth from beyond the stratosphere! Perhaps all of those things… So what’s really happening here?  The answer: a clear brand voice, one that is well defined and easy to connect with. Simple enough? Think about your favorite brand […]