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Having spent four years at Samsung Electronics as Head of PR, Social Media and CSR – James has recently joined Ketchum as Managing Director of Client Experience.

He is responsible for the overall experience offered to clients at Ketchum; ensuring the right talent, structures, processes, knowledge and culture are in place to be able to consistently deliver outstanding work.

#QuarantineLife: Of Course You Can Wear Your Pyjamas

by James Coyle| April 10, 2020

A scene from #QuarantineLife: This morning, my three-year-old son found a pair of his old pyjamas and decided that he wanted to wear them all day. He absolutely did not want to put on his actual clothes, and I spent approximately 30 seconds trying to persuade him this wasn’t a great idea before promptly giving […]

Three Things I Wish I Had Thought About As a Client

by James Coyle| January 27, 2020

Last summer I re-joined agency life after several years working client-side, including a four-year stint at Samsung Electronics (a Ketchum client). I’ve spent the first few months of my new role getting under the skin of the agency—the people, the clients, the work we’re being asked to do and how we go about doing it. It has been quite a ride—exciting, challenging and full […]