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Isabel Berger
With a career grounded in the digital landscape, Isabel is an Account Executive on the Influencer Strategy team in NYC. Throughout her career she has focused on influencer strategy and campaign management, social media strategy and digital content creation. She has worked across a variety of business sectors including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, restaurants, technology and home appliance.

Margot Saunders
Margot is a Senior Account Executive in the New York office specializing in influencer marketing on Ketchum Sports & Entertainment, where she helps drive influencer strategy and implementation. She applies her natural knack for the digital landscape and deep understanding of how to translate brand messages in the digital space to help brands gain extensive community awareness. Passionate about influencer marketing, she has a track record of developing integrated digital strategies and creating content that drives measurable results. She has worked on several clients across the CPG, food and beverage, financial services, and technology spaces.

Ariella Broitman
Ariella is an Account Executive in the New York office specializing in influencer and social media marketing on Ketchum’s Sports & Entertainment team. Working across many food and beverage and CPG brands; she brings her passion and knowledge of influencer strategy, campaign management, content creation, the digital marketing space, and pop culture to account teams and clients.

Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019

by Isabel Berger Margot Saunders and Ariella Broitman| February 20, 2019

Influencer marketing experienced a meteoric rise in 2018. A national study found that 70 percent of consumers prefer non-celebrity endorsements to celebrity, demonstrating a clear paradigm shift in the marketing landscape. More than ever, brands are realizing the value of word-of-mouth marketing and peer-to-peer endorsements. However, with increased popularity comes increased scrutiny. As the influencer […]