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Gur Tsabar, Senior Vice President for Social Issues, Digital Strategy and Innovations (@gur) and Shannon Snyder, Managing Supervisor, Digital Strategist (@mrlady) launched and run StoryWorks.issues, Ketchum Digital’s social issues management practice. On most days, the two can be found guiding clients through some of the deepest and most difficult food issues conversations happening on our planet today. And on the others, they’re likely just out and about bucking the status quo.

Got Social Issues? Why “Social Listening” is The Wrong Response (And What the Right One Is)

by Gur Tsabar and Shannon Snyder| March 22, 2016

The popularity of social media has literally leveled the playing field online—giving every person on the planet the same sized megaphone to voice not only their excitement about companies and brands, but also—and perhaps most frighteningly—their anger and rage. So the question for you is: When Twitter or Facebook blow up on you, do you […]