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As Ketchum Digital Director, Fernando Neves is ahead of the agency’s projects related to Corporate image, and Corporate Reputation in Social Media. During his 11 year tenure at Ketchum, Fernando has worked as the service team coordinator of many companies such as BCP, Hitachi Data System, AOL, Oracle, Equifax, T-Systems, Cielo and IBOPE. Follow him on twitter: @fernandoneves.

The World Cup: The Greatest Party of Soccer and Brands

by Fernando Neves| August 5, 2014

Since 2007, when Brazil was announced as the host country for the 2014 World Cup, I (as a Brazilian and a soccer fan) longed for the opportunity to watch a World Cup match of the Brazilian team in my home country. The World Cup, first and foremost, is a celebration of the most popular sport […]

World Passion

by Fernando Neves| June 13, 2014

The World Cup is the single greatest sports competition on the planet. This year, host country Brazil – my hometown and where soccer reigns – will be looking to win its sixth title on it’s own home pitch. But the World Cup goes far beyond sport; it’s a marketing machine uniting people from diverse cultures […]

Ketchum Digital Brazil Celebrates its Five-Year Anniversary

by Fernando Neves| June 20, 2013

Five years. It seems just a little, but when it comes to the Internet and social media, it sounds like an eternity. Five years ago in Brazil, we hadn’t heard about Facebook and Twitter, two of the most frequently used social networks in the world, nor were we well versed in Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and […]

Facebook and Brands in Latin America

by Fernando Neves| August 9, 2011

Inspired by a Gianni Catalfamo post about Facebook and brands in Europe, I was encouraged to do the same with Latin America. First, because I am Brazilian and I live on this side of the planet; second, because Latin Americans on Facebook already total more than 100 million users and the region has seven of […]