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Brian is a Senior Strategic Planner within Ketchum’s London office.

All I Want For Christmas Is an Actual Gift

by Brian Keenan| December 15, 2016

Christmas, beloved end-of-year western holiday, can be pretty boring for brand communications. Xmas advertising historically draws on the same ole’ yule tide tropes to tell stories at the end of the year. We know its “that time of the year” when we start seeing brands roll out their own take on Santa, elves, reindeer, snow, […]

Affording Creativity: Change Your Definition

by Brian Keenan| September 16, 2013

I work with ideas all day. I see their genesis, appreciate their value and applaud their implementation. I also believe they should be paid for, despite a climate that favors paying only for implementation and not conceptualization. Not “affording” idea development, I contend, is short-term thinking. In fact, paying for ideas is how to stay […]

Engaging Tomorrow’s Consumer

by Brian Keenan| February 1, 2013

As Rob Flaherty’s recent blog posts encapsulate, the World Economic Forum’s Davos Conference is a highly visible collaboration of world leaders tackling mammoth global issues. Davos dominates headlines during the week as every aspect is streamed, shared and spread around the world. As you may guess, however, the annual meeting is only one of many […]

Adding Fuel to Mindfire

by Brian Keenan| March 10, 2011

I have a regular morning ritual. Say hello to my colleagues, drink a large coffee, read my new e-mails and spend some time crowdsurfing. That is to say, every morning I look through a new wave of creative ideas that flows in from our online crowdsourcing platform, Mindfire. Ketchum launched Mindfire with a four-month pilot […]