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Bill Delaney is a Senior Vice President at Ketchum specializing in communications training, media strategy and writing. He spent more than 25 years as a reporter in network television, print and radio, working worldwide. For the past several years, he has counseled executives at dozens of the world’s top global companies.

Don’t Think

by Bill Delaney| August 26, 2013

It’s a compliment to be fast on your feet. Right? In the athletic sense, definitely, but it refers to mental fleet-footedness too. Like when your boss fires a question at you in a meeting, and you respond quickly, knowingly, definitively, with maybe just a dash of worldly wise irony thrown in for good measure. You […]

How to Be Quotable

by Bill Delaney| January 30, 2013

In the realm of PR, a multi-billion dollar global industry employing tens of thousands of people that encompasses multitudinous platforms to convey the messages of the world’s most important companies, it still boils down to a few words. The quote. For all the changes in PR since the digitization of, well, just about everything, and […]

Talking Isn’t Writing (Part Two)

by Bill Delaney| July 20, 2012

Part two of a two part series.  Read Talking Isn’t Writing Part One here. Talking isn’t writing. That may seem obvious enough, as I said in Part One of this post. But mixing up the two is perhaps the single most common mistake business communicators make. Speakers too often don’t really speak to their audiences. […]

Talking Isn’t Writing (Part One)

by Bill Delaney| July 11, 2012

Talking isn’t writing. Obviously. One comes out of your mouth, the other flows (assuming you’re on your game as a writer) from your fingers. Even the regions of the brain that control talking and writing differ. We read with the visual cortex, which is toward the back of that two and a half pounds of […]

The Power of Negativity

by Bill Delaney| May 16, 2012

If it bled, it led. I learned that early in my journalism career, producing a local morning show in New York. A heroic rescue of a cat in a tree by a Grandma with a bad left knee in a calico dress? Save it for the kicker, the back end of the show meant to […]