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Amanda is an account supervisor in Ketchum’s Travel & Economic Development sector in New York. She provides expertise in integrated marketing within the travel and lifestyle space, currently leading successful communications strategies for tourism and hospitality brands. Her background across various industry sectors has molded her passion areas, which include strategic planning, unified global account management, effective media relations, crisis communications and experiential execution. Amanda is a Belong@Ketchum DE&I leader within her New York Marketplace. She is a graduate of Hofstra University and fluent in English, Spanish and the Portuguese dialect of Galician.

The Role of Responsible Marketing as Business Travel Begins to Revive

by Amanda Gadaleta (she/her/hers) and Bettina Garibaldi| November 12, 2020

Packing and unpacking your favorite carry-on. The distinct sensation of checking into your flight the night before takeoff (or, in some cases, on the ride there). Extending your stay to explore a city or meet with friends who happen to live near your conference venue. This was the life of many who, pre-pandemic, spent a […]

Real Talk, Real People, Real Issues: A Conversation with Activist Corey Rae

by Amanda Gadaleta (she/her/hers)| September 25, 2020

Corey Rae, the world’s first transgender prom queen, recently joined us for a compelling virtual discussion as part of Ketchum’s ongoing internal DE&I series “Real Talk, Real People, Real Issues.” As a woman of trans experience who is now an activist, actress, model, speaker and writer, Corey has found success working with brands, speaking at […]

Report: How Travel Influencers are Shifting Gears Amid COVID-19

by Amanda Gadaleta (she/her/hers)| June 16, 2020

Among the many professionals stuck at home during COVID-19 have been travel influencers, whose livelihoods depend on the ability to visit new places and share their experiences with their communities. As the pandemic continues to shape the future of how we travel—and who we depend on to inspire that travel—these influencers have been recalibrating their […]