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Alan has been with Ketchum for more than five years. Follow him on Twitter at @adanzis if you want rare insights about PR and social media, and tons of stuff about video games, technology and other sci-fi and nerdy things.

What Klout Brand Squads Means for Brands

by Alan Danzis| April 19, 2012

Klout score is referenced when discussing a person’s social media influence. Some might brag about their score; others might snicker and say it’s meaningless. And some love to game the system by giving K+ (Klout’s internal measuring number) to friends/enemies in silly categories. Before this week it’s been difficult, however, to see how influential someone […]

How To Stay Buttoned Up With Social Media Buttons

by Alan Danzis| April 12, 2012

Recognize all of those logos? You probably see most of them on any brand or product page you visit on a regular basis. Of course you do—it’s a great way to drive attention to your webpage. But have you started to see buttons for Google+, Pinterest and Foursquare? And how about the “Healthy” button? If […]

Gamification and Engagement – Thoughts on a Notable Expert’s Presentation

by Alan Danzis| November 17, 2011

Last week, my colleague Jordan Drake and I attended a panel on “Gamification and Engagement” presented by Gabe Zichermann and hosted by the Webgrrls. If you know me, I’m a sucker for gamification, so I jumped on the chance to see this one. If you’re not familiar with the term, Zichermann describes it as “is […]

Thoughts from Last Week's Critical Issues Forum 2011

by Alan Danzis| November 1, 2011

Last week, I had the honor of again attending the Critical Issues Forum put on by the Council of PR Firms with some of Ketchum’s senior leadership. This year’s theme was whether or not social media truly had the power to galvanize citizens and effect change within the government — whether it was in the […]

Review Showdown: Four 'Un-alarm Clocks' that Make You a Better Sleeper

by Alan Danzis| October 25, 2011

In a continuing effort to lead a healthier life, I’ve been trying to improve the quality of sleep I get each night as well as the way I’m woken up each morning, and I recently found four new technologies that offer much promise on this front. In a new post I just wrote for the technology blog Dvice, I compare the […]

When Should Brands Stay Out of the Social Conversation?

by Alan Danzis| October 18, 2011

One of the panels that I moderated at our recent “Respect the Internet II” event was titled “Brands as Creators.” The panelists included Jeff Simmermon, Director of Digital Communication, Time Warner Cable, and Erik Martin, General Manager, Reddit. We discussed types of content brands are creating, how content is created and a ton of other great […]