Are You a Social Networks Pro?

Royal Pingdom found 29 social networks with more than one million visitors per day. The data is as of February 2011, but I think it still testifies the fact that I am not the pro I thought I was.

Take a look at the list of social networks below and see how many you are familiar with.

Of their list:

  • I am a member of 6 7. (Update 1: I found I am on Orkut as well.)
  • I had heard of another 9 8.
  • I had no idea the remaining 14 even existed.

Surprises for me:

  • Orkut has 51M daily visitors? Really ?
  • Odnoklassniki (the Russian equivalent of with a Facebook flavor) is not much larger than business-oriented vKontakte.
  • Qzone (Chinese MySpace) has 480 million members and is way larger than Renren (Chinese Facebook), clocking in 12 times its daily visitors.
  • Hyves, Tuenti and Renren attract about the same traffic. All three popular in one country only, but the countries are Holland, Spain and China.

Update 2: A couple of friends replied, so I propose a simple self-scoring system: 2 points for each membership, 1 point for each “heard of.” In the comments, thank you.