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Ketchum is an all around communications consultancy. For us, communciation means: getting people in motion and truly achieve something with it. We believe in ‘Break Through’; in that innovative idea that changes things demonstrably. Achieving a break-through, that’s what is important to us. Not just once, but over and over again, always, in every situation.

At Ketchum, we approach our client’s communication requests from three perspectives: market, society and organization. That’s the way to build leadership positions that are solid and durable. That’s the best way to protect your good name. And that’s the way to successfully conquer new markets.  In the Netherlands, we opened our doors 25 years ago as Schoep & Van der Toorn. Our ‘roots’ are, thus, Dutch, while our branches have become global. Using the international Ketchum network, we are active in multiple countries for many of our clients.