Hatred Has No Home Here.

The recent protests and riots occurring across the U.S. reflect a critical and systemic issue. The unjustified deaths and mistreatment of black people have been ignored for too long.

We have a responsibility as a company, as an employer, as counselors of clients, and as human beings to condemn acts of hatred and violence toward marginalized communities and to make change happen. See our statement on the actions Ketchum is taking to be engaged allies for our black and brown communities and fight injustice.

Brand Reckoning 2020

The current crisis culture is forcing people to revisit everything from the brands they buy to how they judge companies on their handling of COVID-19 and systemic racial injustice. It’s a wake-up call for brands. But also an opportunity to meet this changed consumer and innovate to stay relevant. Explore the data.

News + Views

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